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Water and Sewer Customers
  • Track your water use
  • Pay your bill online
  • Sign up for eBilling
  • Sign up for online leak notification

Plumbing Professionals
  • Apply for and receive water and sewer permits online
  • Pay any applicable fees online

View Water Charges  (New)
  • If you are only interested in viewing your water and sewer charges, please click the “View Water Charges” link in the blue box.

  • See Your Water Use: If you have an AMR device installed on your property, you can track your water use up to four times daily, allowing you to spot potentially costly water leaks before they become a billing problem.

  • Pay Your Bill: Paying your bill online is fast, easy, and convenient. Instead of sending a check in the mail or paying in person, you can simply login to My DEP Account and pay online any time. No stamps or envelopes and no standing in line.

  • Go Paperless: Going paperless is the most environmentally friendly way to get your quarterly water bill. By signing up to receive your bills online you'll save time and help improve our environment by reducing paper consumption. Instead of a paper bill, you'll receive an email notification when your next bill is due. You can then log in to My DEP Account to see an electronic copy of your bill.

  • Sign up for Leak Notification: DEP is now offering its customers a leak notification program that will automatically send you an alert if we notice dramatic increases in your daily water use. This tool allows you to react quickly to sudden changes in consumption that could indicate a potential leak. Instead of waiting months for your next water bill, you'll be alerted to a leak the next day, allowing you to catch and fix the problem before it becomes a billing problem.

  • NEW! Apply for Permits: DEP’s new online permitting system is a fast and easy way for licensed plumbers to apply for water and sewer permits.

Attention: When you log in to pay your bill for the first time through My DEP Account, you will be required to create a unique access code. Your access code provides an additional layer of security and protection for your banking information. Most properties are connected to DEP’s automated meter reading devices. This allows customers to see water use online through My DEP Account.